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When You Are AUTHENTIC, you are FEARLESS!



In the words of Ed…

“Virtually every successful sports team has a Captain and, Corporate Boards would be well-served to adopt a “Captain of the Board” approach to managing their Boards.” “A Captain’s job is to ensure that everyone is in the RIGHT position, in the RIGHT role, and in the RIGHT game to help the Board win as a team.” “The good Captains know where to push people and where not to push people.  The good Captains get the most and the best out of their people.”



In the Boardroom, all Directors are created equal. As such, the Board is a team that will defer to a leader for guidance.  The Board Chair serves in this role as the Captain, similar to the Captain of a sports team. Upon embracing the mandate of Captaining a Board™, the successful Board Chair will take the responsoibility to not betray and to not fail the Board, while making sure that the s/he gets the best of the “the team” by placing the Directors in the right position, in the right role and playing the right game!


At its core, The Office of the Chairman assist Board Chairs, Board Members, CEOs and their direct reports to elevate themselves from the SUCCESS that they’ve enjoyed to SIGNIFICANCE and then to ULTIMATE SUCCESS so they can go forward and have a positive impact in their businesses and in the world!


Whereby the typical bio describes “where you’ve been and what you’ve done”, the BioB™, or Essential Bio, discusses “who is this person, can I trust him, and can I share a fox hole with him”. The BioB™ is created through a series of stories and proofs that authenticate the subject’s skills.

Clients include Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Media and Entertainment,

Banking, and Technology, as well as private and family businesses.